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Perfect Memory, which took place during late August/early September, represented a transition to a mode of reflection and contemplation that manifested as a slower-paced event. Each presentation provided the viewer with a visual, sonic or tactile opportunity to slow down and take a metaphoric siesta of sorts. Presented over nine days as an arc of time from morning to evening, these works explored the particulars of our daily life with the gentle acknowledgement that a cycle was winding down. Perfect Memory was an ironic homage to the fantasy each of us creates about the season of ripe fruit and splashing water. It was also a reference to our mode as collaborators of taping and recording the ubiquitous moments we experienced in Inglewood.

Would Inglewood:  Perfect Memory
(installation view)
Would Inglewood: Perfect Memory
(installation view)
Performative installation with video projection accompanying bassoon, audio works, limited edition pop-up books, and found objects

Visitors listen to bassoonist Carolyn Beck perform.