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Would Inglewood:  The Path
(Walk to Monument to Penelope)
Would Inglewood: The Path
(Walk to Monument to Penelope)
A series of curated walks, video screenings and a panel discussion

Monument to Penelope, made in 1939, is a small bronze sculpture located in front of the post office on Hillcrest Avenue in Inglewood. The collie portrayed in the work was famous for following the postman around town as he delivered the mail. Here my dog, Dilip, meets Penelope for the first time.

In late October/early November, we presented the final Would Inglewood event, entitled No Paths. The event consisted of a series of curated walks, screenings of video created from footage shot during our explorations of Inglewood, and a public discussion with local residents about history and memory. No Paths presented the public with alternative journeys that were a combination of outings to actual as well as imagined spaces that transcended geography, history, culture and personal experience.