I am a painter who engages with dysfunctional spaces in society and uses the language of abstraction to process my experience. My work explores terrains—those seen as well as lived—that we visit and occupy, and attempts to reconcile a reality that is both intolerable and customary. I examine geography, cultural history, psychological trauma, and social anger by wedding aspects of the formal language of painting with tropes and decorative motifs that represent visited environments. The resulting work, which usually manifests as paintings or site-specific installations, emits a beautiful distress. I am interested in creating a hybridized, visual language by smashing appropriated formalist gestures against content gleaned from my situational relationship to the sites I explore in my daily wanderings.

Deeply disturbed by the political, cultural and economic conditions that have developed in the US in the past few years, I made the decision to leave and relocate to Portugal, which I did in Summer 2021. In my new home, I am experiencing a recalibration of my artist's eye to a variety of new scapes and experiences.